I am Dr. Lambert Abeyatunge

Who I am.


I am a Sri Lankan by birth and an American citizen for the past 45 years. I graduated from The University of Sri Lanka as a doctor in 1965. After a year of Internship I went to England to work and study to become a General Surgeon. In 1969 I became a Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of England (FRCS). I came to US in mid 1969 to further my career in Surgery. Another 4 years was spent in an Internship and Residency at the Coney Island and Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. In 1975 I finished my residency program and embarked on a private practice in General Surgery in Upstate, New York which I did until 1988. In 1988 I moved to Palms Springs, California where I did my Private practice for 10 years. In 1998 I moved to Las Vegas, where I still practice.

50 years of Surgical Practice

At various times during my 50 years of Surgical Practice, I had the good fortune to meet and learn from great teachers that had an impact in my life. These lessons were outside the realm of Surgery !.

Some of these Great Spiritual Teachers were, Rev. Dalai Lama (1979 in New York), Drs. Wayne Dyer (deceased in 2015) Deepak Chopra (1990 in California) and Sathya Sai Baba (India in 1995).

The basic lesson learnt from them was TRUTH (Sathya) LOVE and COMPASSION (Prema). I also learnt the fact that everything in existence is a form of ENERGY and as such have various frequencies. This is in agreement with ancient Chinese and Indian teachings of the various ENERGY CENTERS or CHAKRAS that they described in relation to the flow of energy in the body. An orderly energy flow is associated with a healthy state and a disorderly or blocked energy flow is associated with diseased states. This sparked my interest in Energy Healing.

After doing various General Surgical procedures for almost 50 years, I took a leave of absence for two years.

During this time I rekindled an interest in STEM CELLS IN HEALING THE BODY which I had  for over 30 years when I first  learnt about shark and sheep “LIVE CELL THERAPY” that was being done in Europe and later in Mexico. Celebrities, the rich and the famous were able to go to these countries and receive “stem cell therapy” which they claimed, help them rejuvenate their body!. At  present, Human Stem Cell treatments are being done in Europe, Asia, South America and India and just being introduced in UK and USA.

It is a part of almost every Anti-Aging Protocol. Instead of using Fetal stem cells and Umbilical cord stem cells which are associated with ethical and rejection problems, it was found that the adult adipose deposits are laden with millions of dormant stem cells. Recent technique involves the harvesting of these stem cells by mini liposuction and concentrating them in a suitable medium, admixing the cells with platelet rich plasma (PRP) obtained from the same person and re-injecting the mixture in a saline solution  intravenously or by injecting into areas where growth and healing is needed.

Recently, I attended a hands-on training session in Freudenstadt, Germany to get certified by The German Association of Regenerative Medicine.